Music Monday

As for the Beginning of the week, music is what makes me sane.Mondays are made for music.

So, Lately Ive been using the website and i have to say its pretty simple. Unlike pandora, there isn’t any advertisements that interrupt your music every 2-3 songs. I like it when things are consistent.  I created a playlist specified to my harder training days. The days where I’m just not as motivated and I need that LOUD and Fast (angry) music. haha.. Especially when I’m trying to get that last few reps in, my fat starts crying (sweat) and muscles start to twitch.. 

 Random article quote:  

 “(HealthDay News) — Loud music made hearts beat faster and blood pressure go up, while softer passages lowered both heart rates and blood pressure, a new study shows.”

This playlist is for me. I made it to my liking and specified for certain workouts in my week. Check it out, maybe it gets you pumped to lift those weights like it does for me. 😀  Do you have a specific workout playlist? Like one you know will get you pumped for your workout?


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