Thankful Thursday (My Daughter)

For thursdays, My theme will be “Thankful Thursday”.

Instead of reminiscing on the past because its easier (Throwback Thursday), id like to focus on what I’m thankful for today, in the present and so on.

And today I am writing about how I am Thankful for my wonderful daughter.<3  Sallie Jane. ❤


I love looking back at how small my daughter was. Today she is a wild, independent, giggling, screaming 18 month old. As she gets older, she looks up to me more and more.


As a parent, it is my job to protect her and care for her any way i can. By being healthy, stable and paying attention to her needs, I am confident that I am a great role model to her.

She helps me too in a different ways. 🙂 In funny, cute but sometimes frustrating ways… lol

~When I’m cooking, she brings me all the food she can reach in the pantry.
~When Im doing laundry, she puts clothes in the laundry basket, regardless if clean or dirty.
~When I’m doing dishes, she closes the dishwasher and takes utensils out..(I’m missing utensils btw)
~When i workout, she wants to be the “weight” when I’m squatting, or doing Glute bridges. she also likes to throw graham crackers at me when I’m running on the treadmill.(apparently I look hungry). hehe
~When she finishes drinking her milk, she likes to pour the rest out on the coffee table and proceeds to wipe it all over. (i believe she started doing that after she watched me wipe down the counters when cleaning)
…..the best part is catching her in the act. “why are you doing that sallie?” thats her queue to throw the bottle in one direction while she runs away screaming of laughter in the other direction.

and theres so much more..

She’s pretty amazing.When she smiles, her laugh, her hugs and kisses, her dance moves and art skills, Her happiness..its worth all the little frustrations that comes along with parenthood.

She is the most special human being in my life. Because of her i feel like i wake up with a purpose…



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